Your out-of-pocket expenses for in person consultations are:

(Under 18)
Pension & Health
Care Card

Please note out-of-pocket expenses for a Telephone Consultation are higher than face to face due to a government policy that has reduced the Medicare rebate

Please note out-of-pocket expense for an IRON INFUSION  is $70

We will submit an on-line claim to Medicare for you, and you will receive the Medicare rebate into your nominated bank account the next working day. Payment in full at the time of consultation is expected. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and EFTPOS.

The charge will vary depending on the length of consultation and whether any procedures have been done. For example, the charge for an adult having a standard consultation is $88.00 and for a long consultation (over 20 minutes) is $125 but the out-of-pocket expense remains $49.

There may be an extra charge if a Mental Health Care Plan is needed but all other reports and procedures are charged at the Medicare rate so there is no change in your out-of-pocket expenses

Workers Compensation, Third Party etc
These conditions are not covered by Medicare – you may be asked to pay the amount in full and you can then claim the monies back directly from the insurance company