Our Commitment

We are committed to giving comprehensive health care to all individuals and families in this community.

Our centre specialises in family medicine. We know how important it is for families to have a doctor who knows and cares about them. We are now caring for our third and fourth generations of families.

Our Team

We value your trust in our medical advice and we are committed to ongoing education to ensure our advice is up to date.

As part of our medical and nursing registration, all of our doctors and nurses are involved in continuing professional development programmes.

Our Sevices

We provide the full range of general practice services including skin checks, childhood vaccinations and most travel vaccinations. In addition we offer iron infusions and Implanon insertion.

We also have a dietitian and podiatrist at the practice

Our practice is fully accredited by AGPAL (Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited). Accreditation involves not only the practice facilities meeting a stringent set of standards, but also doctors, nurses and reception staff meeting ongoing education requirements

How to Find Us

44 Kentwell Road Allambie NSW 2100

Contact: (02) 9907 1177

After Hours: 13 SICK


Monday to Friday

8am to 7pm by appointment


9am to 12 Noon

(During Covid lockdown please phone first)

We are located adjacent to the roundabout on the corner of Kentwell & Orara Roads.   Bus services 142  and 280 pass directly in front of the surgery
On street parking is generally available and there is disabled access via a ramp

Practice News






Dr Simon Howell has now joined our practice.

Simon is an experienced GP with a wide range of interests – especially in mental health and treating chronic conditions


Jane has moved to Osana practice in Narrabeen. If you would like to continue seeing Jane there please advise us and we can forward your medical record to them


Iron infusions available – if you have been diagnosed with iron deficiency, discuss the option of an iron infusion with your doctor. New patients will need to have a consultation prior to any treatment, and to bring their most current results and a letter from their GP. PLEASE NOTE there is an OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE of $50 for consultations (that is, after Medicare Rebate) and an OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE of $70 for the infusion


Prevenar pneumococcal vaccine is recommended for all patients aged 70 or older even if you have had the previous vaccine (Pneumovax).


Shingles Vaccine provides long term protection against shingles. The vaccine is free for everyone aged 70 to 71 – please discuss with your doctor. The free vaccine programme for people aged 72-79 will finish shortly


Influenza season is fast approaching.

Influenza vaccination is recommended in APRIL and MAY each year for everyone over 65 years of age, for children aged 6 months to 5 years and anyone with underlying health conditions

Flu & Covid News

Flu Vaccination

Bookings are now open for our Flu Vaccination clinics. You can book online or by phone. One of our doctors will call you on the morning of the clinic to assess whether you should have a Covid booster at the same time

NB We are not doing Covid Vaccinations on their own while our Influenza Vaccine Clinics are running – if you need only a COVID vaccination check the NSW Health Website or book with another vaccination provider via hotdoc.com.au

Covid Testing

If you have any respiratory symptoms such as cough or sore throat or headaches or fevers we require you to have had a Covid swab within the last three days. If you have not had a swab you can attend Northern Beaches Hospital Covid Clinic or other clinics – see  here. Results are available within 24 hours generally.

If you are too unwell to wait you can be seen at one of the respiratory clinics at Dee Why or Roseville – follow our link  here

Our Services


We have available

  • ECG (Heart Monitor)
  • Spirometry (Lung Function)
  • Doppler (Arterial Circulation and Fetal Doppler)
  • 24 Hour BP Monitor
  • Accucheck (Blood Glucose Monitor)
  • Coagcheck (INR Monitor)
  • Dermatoscope (Skin Cancer Check)

Skin Checks

We undertake routine skin checks.  We have dermatoscopy to check suspicious skin abnormalities.

 Liquid Nitrogen is available to freeze pre-cancerous areas.

We can perform skin biopsies and excise (cut out) skin cancers.

If more than a simple excision is required we can refer to dermatologists or plastic surgeons in the area

Mental Health

All doctors in this practice have undertaken further education in mental health.

We can discuss options,  including counselling  or medications or both.

We can prepare a mental health care plan for you which will enable you to receive a Medicare rebate for psychologists.

Please advise our receptionist if you are booking for a mental health care plan as you will need a longer consultation



Implanon is a contraceptive device that is inserted into the upper arm under local anaesthetic.  It is a small plastic rod that contains a progesterone hormone

We have doctors trained in Implanon insertion.  We suggest making a preliminary appointment to discuss whether Implanon is appropriate for you.


We have all routine childhood vaccinations available. Please let our receptionist know if you are coming in for vaccinations. We have adult vaccinations (such as Tetanus, Fluvax and Hepatitis) in stock. Most travel vaccinations are available from the adjacent pharmacy


Our nurses run a diabetes clinic to monitor all our diabetic patients. Patients are seen on a 3 to 6 monthly basis by the nurse and the doctor. Dietary and exercise advice, BP, weight and circulation checks, monitoring of blood glucose levels and adjustments to medications can be carried out.

Iron Infusion

We run an iron infusion clinic to treat iron deficiency. You will need to attend the doctor for a consultation, to have iron deficiency confirmed, and any underlying causes excluded. You will then be asked to return, on a separate occasion, to have an iron infusion. There is an extra out-of-pocket expense for this. For more information, CLICK HERE

Podiatrist & Dietitian

Please contact the medical centre to make an appointment with our podiatrist. Medicare may cover some of the cost of these visits – our receptionist can advise you. Our dietitican is away on extended leave at present but we can refer you to local services if necessary


We use a modern point-of-care test to give immediate INR results to our patients on warfarin


Our nurses run a dressing clinic for patients with wounds or ulcers


We have access to the most up to date travel advice. Most travel vaccines are available in the surgery or from our adjacent pharmacy. Please book a LONG appointment and please bring your itinerary with you



Click to book an appointment now – or phone our reception staff on 9907 1177 for an appointment. If your problem is urgent please let our receptionist know.

Standard appointments are 15-20 minutes – if you feel you may need a longer appointment please discuss with our receptionist


Your out-of-pocket expenses for consultations at the Medical Centre are:


$ 49

under 18

$ 30

 Pensioners & HCC Holders

$ 15

The fee will vary depending on the length of consultation. For example, for an adult having a standard consultation the fee is $88.00 and a long consultation fee is $125 but the out-of-pocket expense remains $49.

IRON INFUSIONS incur a higher out of pocket expense – CLICK HERE

Workers Compensation, Third Party etc  These conditions are not covered by Medicare – you may be asked to pay the amount in full and you can then claim the monies back directly from the insurance company

Administrative Fees are charged at $15 per 15 minutes or part thereof

Opening Hours

The practice is open from 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday. Consultations are by appointment only.

The practice is also open from 9am to 12 Noon on Saturday mornings for urgent problems – no appointment is necessary. However for Saturday mornings during Covid restrictions, please phone the practice on 9907-1177

Home Visits

Home visits are available only to current patients if they live locally and are physically unable to come in to the surgery.

Home visits are usually not able to be bulk billed. Please phone before 10am if you feel a home visit is necessary.

Nursing home consultations are available to some nursing homes in our local area


We have up to date diagnostic medical equipment including Interpretive ECG, Spirometry, Pulse Oximetry, Doppler, Dermatoscope, INR Machine, and Glucometer,

Defibrillator and Resuscitation Equipment are present on site and all staff, including reception staff, have done CPR training.

There is generally nearby street parking, and disabled access is available. The 142 and 280 Buses run directly past the surgery


Our practice is committed to Preventive Healthcare. We may issue you with a reminder letter from time to time offering you Preventive Health services appropriate to your care. We also offer SMS reminders for your booked appointments. If you do not wish to be part of these systems please let us know at reception

Disabled Access

Disabled access is available via a ramp to the front door, and toilets have disabled access


Our practice is fully accredited by AGPAL (Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited).

Accreditation involves not only the practice facilities meeting a stringent set of standards, but also doctors, nurses and reception staff meeting ongoing education requirements. In addition, the practice has to conduct a patient questionnaire and show evidence that is has addressed any patient held concerns.

Accreditation is undertaken every three years

After Hours

If an emergency problem develops after hours, either call 000 or go straight to Northern Beaches Hospital.

If you need medical advice after hours you can call the After Hours GP Helpline on 1800 022 222. This is a free government run service.

If you need a home visit after hours, please call our after hours deputising service, Family Care Medical Services on 137425 (13SICK)


We are a teaching practice affiliated with the University of Sydney, Macquarie University and The Notre Dame University. We may ask you if you would allow a medical student or nursing student to be present during your consultation. This is purely voluntary and will not affect your care in any way

Your Results

At the time any tests are recommended your doctor may advise you to make a follow up appointment.  If your results are abnormal you will be advised (usually by text) to make a follow up appointment.

Our usual pathology provider, Douglass Hanly Moir, will upload your results to your eHealth record about a week after your tests are finalised

Health Checks

Men’s Health

Men from about 40 years of age onwards should have regular health checks to monitor blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and blood glucose (diabetes) and check the skin for skin cancers and pre-cancerous spots .

Men should consider having a PSA (prostate cancer) check and a bowel cancer check (Fecal Occult Blood Test) from age 50 (earlier if there is a family history)

Women’s Health

Women should have a Cervical Screening Test (previously called a Pap smear) every five years from age 25 to 75.

From about 40 years of age onwards women should have regular health checks to monitor blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and blood glucose (diabetes) and check the skin for skin cancers and pre-cancerous spots.

Mammograms and a bowel cancer check (Fecal Occult Blood Test) are recommended from age 50 (earlier if there i

Sexual Health

STIs – sexually transmitted infections – are becoming more common. They can be easily diagnosed on urine or blood tests, and treated usually with a short course of antibiotics. Some STIs have no symptoms initially. If you are starting a new relationship, please consider coming in for an STI Check

Contraceptive Advice Our doctors can advise on the range of contraceptive measures available. Implanon is a contraceptive hormone that is inserted under local anaesthetic. We have doctors skilled in Implanon insertion – you can come in and discuss the various options


Routine checkups can be done with the routine immunisations at 2, 4, 6, 12 and 18 months and again at age 4.

Don’t forget the Early Childhood Centre is an excellent resource for routine checks and advice

45-49 Year Old Health Checks

A one-off comprehensive health check is recommended for everyone between 45 and 49 – please advise our reception staff if you wish to book for this as we allocate a longer appointment

Wellness Checks for Patients aged over 75

We offer a Wellness Check every year for all our patients 75 years of age and over. This is a comprehensive assessment with one of our nurses and your doctor.

We will review your medical history and current medications, do a physical examination and make recommendations about appropriate preventive health measures to keep you healthy

Preventive Health – Management Planning

Symptoms due to long term conditions such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, arthritis, etc, can be significantly improved by a coordinated approach to management.

Medicare funds the preparation of a management plan and a review of the plan every 6th months.

Medicare also offers rebates for allied health – such as podiatry, physiotherapy, dietitian, and exercise physiology – this approach can not only reduce symptoms but also prevent or slow down any deterioration