Our Services

Family Medicine

Allambie Medical Centre specialises in family medicine. We know how important it is for families to have a doctor who knows and cares about them. We are now caring for our third and fourth generations of families.

We value your trust in our medical advice and we are committed to ongoing education to ensure our advice is up to date. All our doctors are vocationally registered, which means that they satisfy annual ongoing educational requirements


We have all routine childhood vaccinations available. Please let our receptionist know if you are coming in for vaccinations. We have adult vaccinations (such as Tetanus, Fluvax and Hepatitis) in stock. Most travel vaccinations are available from the adjacent pharmacy

Travel Medicine Advice

We subscribe to the Medical Advisory Service for Travelers Abroad giving us access to the most up to date travel advice. Most travel vaccines are available in the surgery or from our adjacent pharmacy. Please book a LONG appointment and please bring your itinerary with you

Diabetes Clinic

Our nurses run a diabetes clinic to monitor all our diabetic patients. Patients are seen on a 3 to 6 monthy basis by the nurse and the doctor. Dietary and exercise advice, BP, weight and circulation checks, monitoring of blood glucose levels and adjustments to medications can be carried out. Good control of blood glucose levels significantly reduces the long term risks of diabetes such as heart attacks, strokes and other vascular complications

Mental Health Counselling

All doctors in this practice have undertaken further education in dealing with mental health issues. If necessary we can refer you to appropriate psychiatric or psychological services. If we prepare a Mental Health Care Plan you can obtain a significant rebate for psychological services. It is most important to book a LONG appointment for this

Implanon Insertion

We have doctors trained in Implanon insertion. Please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss Implanon – we can then arrange a suitable appointment time for the procedure

INR Testing

We use a modern point-of-care test to give immediate INR results to our patients on warfarin

Iron Infusions

We run an iron infusion clinic to treat iron deficiency. You will need to attend the doctor for a consultation, to have iron deficiency confirmed, and any underlying causes excluded. You will then be asked to return, on a separate occasion, to have an iron infusion. Further information is available from your doctor


We have ECG (Heart), Spirometry (Lung) and Doppler (Circulation) tests available. We have a dermatoscope to detect early skin cancers and can perform minor surgery to remove skin cancers

Podiatrist and Dietitian

Please contact the medical centre to make an appointment with our dietitian or our podiatrist. Medicare may cover some of the cost of these visits – our receptionist can advise you.  You can also book directly with out dietitian, Ingrid Orth, via her website

Dressing Clinic

Our nurses run a dressing clinic for patients with wounds or ulcers